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Another weird night

It has been another we I’d and off the wall sleep. I awoke to a strange feeling, as if my body had all NY nerves popping at one time.  So I got up, got a drink of water. Felt weird still, so I figure I would check my blood sugars. Low and behold, the reading was at 84,  that is the lowest I have had ever. 

Every time some weird feeling I get, I take a reading to see if something did change. So this way I can recognize what feeling is for what levels.  Learning each and every day.

Another Milestone with my Diabetes

Well Today was a milestone for controlling my Diabetes. I had 4 times today, where the Sugar Levels were at or below 91.  I almost flipped out when i seen it,  even checked another finger,  (and dam do their hurt)  lol.  but it came out the same.  91.   That is way within the parameters of the proper sugar levels.  But I know it would not last.  when I ate dinner, it jumped to 142.  but that is still way better than it was before.  So all in all, I am proud of myself today and yesterday.

December 24th – Diabetes note

December 24th, 2013. – Christmas Eve.



Well its Christmas Eve.  Today’s glucose numbers were running between 150 and 175. the best I have had so far.  though I did do a tootsie pop, to make me feel better.  (a small sugar boost) till I can get used to the lower numbers. because after 40 some years of eating what ever I wanted.  now I have to go into reverse. and keep my sugar levels down.   I do want to be around to see my niece and nephew get married, and children. which means I will NOT let this Disease / Debilitation get to me.  Now I am fighting 2 Disabling Diseases.    And I REFUSE to let those 2 things keep me from living a normal life, (with some adjustments for sure) and with My Guarding Angels, and Gods Help.  I know I can do it.   But I will Never give into this that which has been given to me in life.  have 

We all walk our own paths in life. some very easy, some very bad. and it is up to us to choose which route we want to take. the Good or the Bad.  and for people like myself, who have to take an extra bit of perseverance of life.  to make things go more smoother.  and I know I am not alone with this. in fact, members of my family (not mentioning names) have gone through a living hell of their own.  They choose not to give up. even though they honestly should not be alive.  and they kept their Faith up, and fought with all they had. and they are making life happen. that is what I will do with this.  is make my life happen for me, and others.  I would so hate to leave this life, when the best years of my Life are ahead of Me.

My hope is that if someone stumbles across my blog, and reads what I am going through, with my writings about the Diabetes Type 2, that someone someone may be helped along the way.  if so, that’s great. if not then its a long for me and my family to help to understand it. and God willing, one day there can be a cure for it.  most know I sort of keep to myself with things that take a hold of my life. like this has.  Also, I usually don’t speak about Religion, or Spirits, or Guardian Angels.  but this has slapped me hard. because I did almost Die from it.  Some say that when things happen like this.  you latch on to something that comforts you. and My Faith does comfort me.

God Bless, Merry Christmas, Make sure the Ones you Love, Know it.  and above all. Be Safe in your Travels.