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For those who have served, and for those who gave their All.

The Noble and the Brave

When America had an urgent need, These brave ones raised a hand;veterans-day-sites-general-washington-dc-vietnam-memorial-full
No hesitation held them back; They were proud to take a stand.
They left their friends and family; They gave up normal life;
To serve their country and their God, They plowed into the strife.
They fought for freedom and for peace On strange and foreign shores;
Some lost new friends; some lost their lives In long and brutal wars.
Other veterans answered a call To support the ones who fought;
Their country had requirements for The essential skills they brought.
We salute every one of them, The noble and the brave,
The ones still with us here today, And those who rest in a grave.
So here’s to our country’s heroes; They’re a cut above the rest;
Let’s give the honor that is due To our country’s very best.

The Best on Earth

If someone has done military service,  They earn the title “veteran,” and more;
They earn our deep respect and admiration;  That they are special no one can ignore.
They sacrificed the comforts we enjoy;  The list is long of all the things they gave.Veterans-Day
Our veterans are extraordinary people;  They’re loyal, dedicated, true and brave.
When terror and invasion were real threats,  They showed us they could handle any storm.
We owe our freedoms and our very lives  To our veterans, who served in uniform.
Our veterans should be celebrities;  They’re exceptional; no other group compares.
We’re grateful for the many things they’ve done;  They’re always in our hearts and in our prayers.
We owe our veterans support and friendship;  Let no one ever question what they’re worth.
These men and women served us and our country,  Our veterans–the very best on earth.

The meaning of Veterans Day, What it Means to Me, and Others

Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is on its way.  But sometimes we forget 1 major day, that falls between them. and that is Veteransurl Day.  Some Take this day for granted, or consider it another day of the week, in a year.  but for those who have Served our Country with Pride, and Honor.  It is a Day to give thanks to those who have Served in our Armed Forces.  Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marines.

In the Coming Days up to and Including Veterans Day. i will be showing Photographs, along with poems, quotes, short stories, and other things, to show others what Veterans Day Means, to Our Veterans.

These people decided to Serve in the military of the United States. not because it was something to do. But because there was a need… A need for those who would help protect Our Country, and Others who we consider our Allies, our Comrades in Arms, Our Friends.  They did it with Pride, though at the time. as in the case of our World Wars, they did it for need. never giving it a second thought.  Giving their lives to protect Us here, and abroad.  To help those in Need.

We did not give them the respect they deserve, not till recent wars, have people gathered around, to rally support for our Veterans.  a little too late, but still Our Respect for those who served has and is being given today.  in the past, during WWII,  our Actors and Actresses gave their time to help support our troops,  people like Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Hattie McDaniel, Eubie Blake, Ann Sheridan, Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Carole Landis, Martha Tilton, Jack Benny, Larry Adler, Ossy Renardy, Zero Mostel, James Cagney, James Stewart, Gary Cooper, Doraine and Ellis, Lena Horne, Danny Kaye, The Rockettes, Al Jolson, Fred Astaire, Curly Joe DeRita, The Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Brown, Joe E. Lewis, Ray Bolger, Lucille Ball, Glenn Miller, Martha Raye, Mickey Rooney, Betty Hutton, Dinah Shore, and most famously, Bob Hope.  Gave their time to keep our troops moral in top condition.  not to mention to sell War bonds, to help support the war.

2008 Memorial Day Poster #3.In the Korean War, Many stars, both well-known and new, came to perform, including Bob Hope, Errol Flynn, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Piper Laurie, Jane Russell, Paul Douglas, Terry Moore, Marilyn Monroe, Danny Kaye, Rory Calhoun, Mickey Rooney, Jayne Mansfield, Al Jolson and many others. Jolson notably was the first to volunteer and traveled to Korea at his own expense (he was also the first to entertain troops during World War II.). Hispanic-American soldiers were entertained by artists such as Pérez Prado’s Show featuring Evita Muñoz as his invited mambo dancer.

In the Vietnam War, The USO presented more than 5,000 performances during the Vietnam War featuring stars such as John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Sammy Davis Jr., Phyllis Diller, Martha Raye, Joey Heatherton, Wayne Newton, Jayne Mansfield, Redd Foxx, Rosey Grier, Anita Bryant, Nancy Sinatra, Jimmy Boyd, Lola Falana, and Bob Hope. Philip Ahn, the first actor of Korean descent to become a Hollywood star, became the first Asian American USO performer to entertain troops in Vietnam.

The Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq Bruce Willis visited Baghdad, Camp Kir Kush and Camp Caldwell, Iraq around December 2003.Mr. Willis visited military bases in Iraq during his visit in Iraq .  From June 8 to 11, 2009, TV personality Stephen Colbert traveled to Iraq to film his show The Colbert Report for four days in a USO sponsored event.  Other entertainers who have traveled to the Middle East to perform include Al Franken (who made six USO tours in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan[31] before being elected a United States Senator from Minnesota), Craig Ferguson, Gary Sinise, Zac Brown, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Drowning Pool, Toby Keith (with special guest Gina James), Montgomery Gentry, Kellie Pickler, Mayra Veronica, Carlos Mencia, O.A.R., Dave Attell, Trace Adkins, Kathleen Madigan, Louis C.K.,  Dane Cook, Lewis Black, Third Day, Colin Quinn, Kathy Griffin and Neil McCoy. The USO is also providing services for the annual “Tribute to the Troops” special of World Wrestling Entertainment. They have aired WWE RAW from Afghanistan and Iraq every Christmas in the United States


in a pre-taped show from the combat zone.  On July 16, 2012, Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen announced that he would donate at least $1 million to the USO. This would be among the largest single donations ever given to the organization.

Today, we have people like Gary Sinise, & The Foundation that he started called Gary Sinise Foundation. to help support our troopsabroad and at home, to help Veterans back into the normal life they had here at home.  if possible.   We can not ever forget our Veterans, those in the past, Those who gave their all, and Those still serving.

In Closing, If you see a Veteran, Thank Him or Her for Serving, & Protecting us here at Home and elsewhere. If you see a Veteran in Need, Help him or Her, if they are on living on the streets of our country, help them find a Home.  They Deserve Our Respect, Our Thanks, Our Undying Love.  and most of all, Our Support for their Sacrifice.

Thank You, and God Bless
©Raymond C Buettner
U.S.Army Veteran – Gulf War