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VA is getting better? Like Hell it is, after reading the VA Director recent comments, I wrote this..













I seen this quote in the full article, And Was SO PISSED (Takes Me OVER 3.5 MONTHS to see someone. not to mention when I called about a chronic condition I have, then ased another question, the Nurse said (I am sure not knowing, but corrected herself very fast) said the Dr gets points for each time they see someone, not a wonder why I only get less than 10 minutes a visit with the Doctor, and at least 25 with the Dr's Nurse But I digress, and continue….

""McDonald insisted there has been improvement. According to VA statistics, 97 percent of all VA health care appointments are scheduled within 30 days. Specialty care wait-time averages six days, mental health appointments are three days.""

WTF, are you KIDDING ME, WHERE THE HELL is he getting his information from, the National Enquirer ??? When I call for a VA appointment, I have to wait 3 1/2 months to get a spot. that's 14 FULL WEEKS Mr McDonald. 14 Weeks, 

Honestly, Screw the points system they have in place (aka a visit a point for the Dr) go back to real medicine and TREAT PEOPLE AGAIN, Like REAL Doctors do in the REAL World, not dome dammed fantasy someone is blowing up the directors nose each month saying its perfect. Veterans are NOT being served correctly, NOT being taken care of as WE SHOULD BE, We have Served our Country with Pride, and Honor, the least we can expect from our Government is to TAKE CARE OF US AFTER WE HAVE SERVED. that is not asking much. But apparently the VA has its own agenda for things, which is CRAP pure and simple.

Cleveland TV Stations Make me Sick……

News Channels in Cleveland Make me Sick. I can not believe that a Beautiful Steam Locomotive comes into that town.  and not one NKP 765single station covered it.  A Beautiful Berkshire, # 765 is a high-stepping, fourteen-wheeled, magnificent machine that stands 15 feet tall, weighs 404 tons, goes over 60 miles an hour and it’s restored to the way it looked and sounded when it was built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1944, In Lima, Ohio.

I have seen this Beauty in action many many times, especially when it crosses my area of Ohio.   I also rode too, pricey tickets, but worth the monies to ride her.  If anyone ever gets a chance to ride a Steam Locomotive.  (and I think that some are still running in other Countries in Europe)  its a ride that you will never forget.

Why am I ranting about this.  because it is a part of History, our American History.  not to mention a History of Some of Ohio’s greatest things.  but for some reason, no one cares about our past anymore.  My Nephew seen it, by luck, and he went wild according to my sister.  (he is a Railroad nutt like I am,  and 4 years old. )  We need to embrace our history.  our Heritage, not let it pass you bye.  it is History people, and time to preserve it, cherish it.  embrace it.  not let it pass, because if we neglect our History,  then the next generations will never know what it was like, except for in books. and thats not a way to look at history.   4 news stations in Cleveland, Ohio. and not one of them let others know it was in town.  they rather pester the families, and think they are psychologists, and know what happened to those 3 women.  Sick Stupid Media.  but this is interesting.  though this train is going to Altoona, PA for a good will tour,  every station in Central, and southeastern Ohio, and TV stations in PA along its route, have covered this Beautiful Engine. Northern Ohio TV Sucks.