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Always By Your Side …..

3When tears never seem to end And the world is turning upside down I’ll be by your side Guiding you through The twists and turns of this life

When the puzzle is falling to pieces And you’re left in the dark I’ll be there – A light To lead you home

Even though everything is changing And it’s crumbling into dust There’s one thing that’s always staying

I’m staying to lead you home To pick you up when you’ve fallen I’ll be the one beside you When the tears show no sign of stopping

And when you wander astray I’ll be the one to take your hand Never letting go And I’ll take you back Back where the clouds All have silver linings

So that one day You’ll see the sun

Guide The Hearts ……

2Pure-white-spire; your outpost above bluff and rock a light to pierce the misty-haze of thickest fog as we ride the rage of greener sea your appointment elevates o’er craggy shore you promise warning, a pillar of safety. Chime, Chime! Hear your harbor bell sing to us!

Rumble of crushing spray the sea-crystal-of-pounding-waves; from window you watch o’er stormy bay to call us home and not leave us alone, you guide our ship past damp and cold for good protection and graceful keeping.

Seagull’s screech with beak of gloom; night or day, you keep us warned past any wreckage of pending doom, past sins of what could have been from angriest ocean’s deathly-blast its want of smash, with epic crash, to drown us in its darkest depths – yet we are guided to peaceful port when we follow the course you chart. Leap, O light! Guide our hearts. We yearn for life! Save us from the crush of blackest death.

A million stars won’t equal you – the retina of your eye is all we need be our way, call to us with beacon beam tell us of those monstrous rocks, bring your bulb of hope to shine on us.

You are not forgotten, your house not extinct the filigree of your special light your indispensable color bright, your heart remains succinct.

This choice, This decision, This journey …..

5As I move forward in this Choice, this Decision, this Journey I see so many possibilities I see so many outcomes that may wait around the corner I see so many effects that can be bread from this single act I feel fear, I feel worry, I feel unsure and afraid

But also I feel excitement, I feel anxious I feel alive with the knowledge that in each moment The unlimited possibilities before me are bringing forth The right and perfect outcome In the right and perfect time In the right and perfect way

And I am divinely inspired, divinely directed, divinely guided To only my highest and greatest good And I feel no fear