Welcome to my site dedicated to my musings on Semiotics, Philosophy, Neuroscientists, Poems, & Much Much More.

Welcome to my site, in which I write up some of my ideas about natural philosophy, neuroscientists, foundational questions of physical (exact) Sciences and Mathematics, and the semiotic and communicative essence of consciousness as well as its ramification to interpersonal communication, cultures and society. to include poems, writings, books, Free eBooks (.mobi, .epub, & text), music, Free downloadable Fonts for your windows computer, Country Music Dance Step Sheets, (for those of you who like to country dance,  and a lot more things.

All materials on this site, are copyrighted and not allowed to be published without the author’s expressed authorization. if there is a problem with anything I publish here.  you can contact me on this site with the actual link to the post. and why there is a problem…  Just a FYI to you, whining, or because it offends you, is not a reason to contact me.  get over it, and get on with your life. there are other blogs that you can read, or follow. Not everything on this site is of my own personal works.  in that case, a link to the actual author is included.  Also I get in things from others, whom I post for them. if there is anything on this site that is someone else’s. then step up, prove it is yours and then we will make the correct corrections. No one is perfect. people make mistakes, that is unless you think that you are God.  then there is a problem. get over yourself. and move on.
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Welcome to my blog dedicated to my musings on Semiotics, Philosophy, Neurosciences, Poems & more